Angola: Giant sable antelopes decreased by 95 percent

by Feb 2, 2010Wildlife News

Luanda – The number of giant sable antelopes in the Kangandala and Luando parks, northeastern Malanje province, decreased from 2,000 animals, in 1982, to the current 100 nowadays, due to several factors, including the armed conflicts, expert Mário Pinto Vaz, revealed today.


Presenting the ecological situation of the sable antelope, during the 1st technical meetings of the national parks and conservation areas, the coordinator of the project for conservation of sable antelope of the environment ministry stated that efforts are being made against the extiction of this rare species.

Environmentalists are now are now waiting for the successful reproduction of nine females living in the “sanctuary”, a protected area in the Kangandala national park.

Pinto Vaz voiced for the strenghtening of monitoring mechanisms to protect the seven males in the Luando reserve, against poachers who he said to be the main concern.

He added that this year the environment ministry envisages the extension of the “sanctuary” of Kangandala park, from 400 to 3,000 hectares, the regeneration of the Luando park infra-structures and the adoption of anti-poaching measures.

Malanje province deputy governor, Conceição Cristovão, pledged full support to the efforts aimed at keeping alive this national symbol and asked the cooperation of local traditional officials and the respect for the local culture of the people leaving in the area by the environmental experts.