Angola: Big Hunts at Nature Reserves Forbidden

by Jan 14, 2011Habitat News, Wildlife News

Luanda — The reinforcement of patrolling in national parks by guards from these institutions, in collaboration with the Police and the Armed Forces, has enabled over the last six months the reduction of big game, a source with the sector has announced.

The head of the department of conservation of the Ministry of Environment, Joaquim Manuel, has said.

“Hunters are still entering in conservation areas, but for little time and sometimes without success, as they fear being captured by specialists that make frequent patrols, meant at the preservation and maintenance of the fauna and nature reserves”, explained Joaquim Manuel.

Although they represent a reduced number, he said, guards are still working to prevent poaching.

Works have been done for the training and integration of more guards in nature reserves, whose infrastructures are being recovered slowly.

The source reminded that in Angola it is forbidden the hunting of animals such as the sable antelope, elephant, hippopotamus, giraffe, black rhinoceros, zebra, gorilla, hyena and manatee.

Angola has 13 game reserves.