Africa: Conservationists Worried About Chimpanzees

by Aug 16, 2010Great Apes

The number of chimpanzees in Uganda and across the rest of East Africa is reportedly going down, a wildlife conservationist has said.

Speaking at a fundraising event for environment protection in Kampala at the weekend, the founder of Jane Goodall Institute, Dr Jane Goodall, noted that at the time she started her work in conservation, there were at least 1.5 million chimpanzees spread across Africa in 21 countries mostly in Congo and Congo Brazzaville’s forests. But now this number has drastically reduced to about 300,000.

No recklessness

She said the exploration of oil if done recklessly, could harm the livelihood of chimpanzees. But she added that if the exploration is done in consultation with environmentalists, there will be a lesser negative impact.

“Instead of fighting oil companies let’s try and work with them. Reaching into the hearts of people is so important,” Ms Goodall said.

It was against this backdrop that Tullow Oil through its representative, pledged to plant trees in the chimpanzee corridor to protect the environment.