‘A Tribute to our “Ele” with a mug of coffee at my elbow’ – Elephant Poem

by Jan 8, 2014Elephants, Wildlife News

From the woolly mammoth you came,
All those thousands of years ago-
Of the animal kingdom you’re the greatest.

We know you do much damage,
With that huge frame to satisfy
And so much food to consume.
Some poorer folk lived on their route,
So at times a family (humanely) was taken out!!
Oh, what a horror to endure
A death so painful we’d cry out loud-
My mind is spinning and knowledge lacking,
To say what pain we feel for you-
Your value and your beauty taken
For some evil men to destroy-
Their own pockets to line.

Those wicked men claim the right
To sneak about in the dead of night-
We call them ‘Poachers’ – I’d call them ….
But another name is not printed!!
I wonder how many hours between awful thirst,
Having walked so far,
To have the taste of death of the dreaded Cyanide!!
Mothers / Fathers / Sisters / Brothers all lay beside.. .. ..
Nobody to hear the agonised cries
Nobody to come to their aid to help-
Too Late.. Too Late..

And soon dear God all the flies!!
When will the murder occur again?
And will the evil travel South,
They have been warned, so do take heed
Will God make those evil men die of thirst, and in the agonies of the damned!!
And get what they deserve!!

In the middle of the night,
My heart is aching for your survival.
In generations to come the children will say,
From pictures in their books,

“Granny dear, what is that?
Who is so large and so proud?
So large he must have to eat a lot?”

“We do not see any of them now,
Do you know how it happened?”

Yes, But Gran is too sad to tell them how!!

— From a 83 year old grandmother who prefers to remain anonymous